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No matter what the weather or temperature, no more frozen water, no need for cooling systems and no sliding lubricants required. Everything is ICE GLIDERS.

The making of real ice is expensive. There is maintenance, electricity, water and other costs. Further, there is the environmental impact and pollution factor.

ICE GLIDERS is absolutely energy free. There is no environmental impact; it is very Eco friendly and pollution free. ICE GLIDERS Product Is unique and different. There are some synthetic surfaces out there as an alternative to ICE GLIDERS. But there is only one ICE GLIDERS, the best option gliding and braking characteristics, and without lubricants.

Synthetic floor incurs no electricity or water costs. Furthermore it can even be recycled, melted and processed into a new synthetic floor. With this technological advantage we have developed a top-class product and the most successful plastic skating floor ever made.

With two simple words, we describe our passion with which we perfect our product - ICE GLIDERS!

Multipurpose Sport Facilities
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In every city worldwide, it is an absolute must to have a large unobstructed space for the purpose of conducting various social events such as concerts, meetings or any type of sports activities.

Ice Gliders in conjunction with our partners Monolithic and South Industries are the leaders in designing and building the best commercial, residential and industrial domes.

The energy efficiency design has pleasantly surprised even the toughest critics of this new concept in building spaces. It only takes a short time inside one of these domes to appreciate the ecological benefits and comfort it offers. Even at full capacity on a hot day these domes only require intermittent use of air conditioner. Because of the structure's tightness and the way the domes are insulated, they conserve vast amount of energy making them more cost effective to heat or cool off.

Nowadays, if you are an advanced sportsman or just making your first steps in sport there is a marvelous chance to optimize your training. Our unique technologies will give you an opportunity to spend time on sports and health without any time and money loss. Our multifunctional sport facilities will provide numerous options: from sport activities to cultural and educational events.


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Dome Multipurpose Facilities

Our Contacts

Phone: +1 888 713 66 13

Fax: +1 888 300 62 27